Web Reports is the first fully autonomous solution which allows you to obtain real-time online survey statistics and to achieve dynamic results consultations on the Internet and Intranet.

WEB Reports proposes a new category of tools, located midway between the CRM tools (which are focused on the collection of personal data), and data warehouse tools (Focused mainly on company databases).

The purpose of Web Reports is to enable users to consult advanced statistics concerning current surveys, past surveys and corporate data on the Web or Intranet.
Conducting a dynamic visualization site on the Web or intranet with Web Reports requires no HTML or Web development or programming. It allows research officers or project teams to make raw data available on the web, questionnaires, sorting, reporting pages and selection criteria, making them accessible to target users based on their access code.

A tool to access dynamic survey data online

  • A rapid and secure access to analysis
    A rapid and secure access to analysis

    From a simple link on the Web or Intranet, users are guided through a simple application that can be adapted to any company visual code. Users log in to have a direct access to their information with total confidentiality and they can visualize or print reports pages or analysis pages (planned or allowed) applying dynamic filters and selection criteria which they are entitled to use.

  • Dashboards
    Powerful and graphic dashboards

    Web Reports allows you to visualize web online or Intranet dashboards, containing information report pages including charts and graphs (from Ethnos). These dynamic dashboards will recalculate themselves instantaneously every time data is updated, according to your own criteria. If the data changes, all treatments follow automatically.

  • Total Freedom
    Total Freedom

    Web Reports is a solution which is sold as a license. A single license is enough to deploy as many consultation sites as necessary, directly on the client’s intranet, or on their own website.

  • Integration with other tools
    A seamless integration with your office and survey tools

    Web Reports can perform data treatments, using Ethnos, on data coming from Excel, Access or other database (via ODBC) or data from CATI (Catiopée) scanning (OMR Manager), CAMI (Mobi-Survey) and of course Web or intranet (Net-Survey).

    Dashboards can include any static element (gif, jpeg. images) or dynamic (analysis, reports, graphics, comments…).

  • Added value
    Strong added value

    Web Reports can be used for assessing quality barometers, satisfaction barometers, survey information (budget, shop, industry, product.), and it also offers great potential for applications with high added value.

Who may be interested on Web Reports?

Web reports presents a very similar editing interface than the one from Ethnos. This aspect helps any person to manage the creation of an online dynamic report in a very easy and intuitive way.
This is why our solution is not only completely adapted for research professionals but also to marketing, training, human resources, quality, and many other professionals.
Its Web capacities are also suitable for IT managers that need to produce simple or complex web reports.

Join the big Web Reports users’ community and get ready to perform high quality real-time reports.

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