The most effective and innovative data collection, analysis and reporting tools

Soft Concept is one of the major survey software companies in the world and the leading provider in France.
We supply thousands of users in more than 60 countries with the most effective and innovative data collection and analysis tools for Marketing, Sales, Quality, HR and Training departments. Our software allows to easily create surveys, questionnaires and forms in order to capture and analyse virtually any type of data essential for business.
We are focused on bringing to our customers the best technologies and the latest innovations for gathering and managing data. Our unique range of solutions allows to handle all possible data collection techniques: mobile surveys, web/intranet surveys, phone interviews, form scanning, voting pads, touchscreens…
Our reporting tools offer unparalleled features to create and automatize simple or highly sophisticated reports, with superb graphics and advanced statistical analyses. Our web-reporting tool allows real-time access to reports and in-depth consultation of the results.

Web surveys

Create and disseminate powerful web surveys easily

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Mobile Surveys

Create and deploy mobile forms for your surveyors,
contributors or clients in only a few minutes

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Big Data Analysis

Collect and deeply analyse web, social media
and marketing databases data easily.

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Web-Reporting & dashboards

Establish real-time updated and accessible
indicators and dashboards

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