Multiple and advanced statistical analysis to explore your data and rapidly identify the most important aspects and all the hidden correlations.

STAT’Mania is a new type of statistical software program, just as simple to understand and to use as any office software.
STAT’ Mania allows any user to easily apply to the most current statistical methods to their data, to obtain results in a graph or table form of exceptional quality.
ETHNOS, is the only software on the market, designed for survey analysis that that works exactly as a normal office software. Ethnos allows thousands of users World-wide to efficiently carry out all types of surveys including, Market research, Quality diagnosis, Training assessments, Internal industrial relations and communications evaluations…

Statistical methods accessible to everyone

  • Data exploring

    Intelligent data exploring tools : The strength of Stat’Mania is that it offers not only advanced statistical analysis but a whole set of innovative and most recent methods. For example:

    - The satisfaction analysis allows you to find which aspects of your business need to be kept under surveillance, which ones need to be improved, kept as they are or preserved, in order to identify negative items to be eliminated, or to enhance the quality of your service.
    - The most significant crosstabulation research that allows you to combine in only a few seconds all tour variables between them and to obtain a table showing all the variable matches specifying their dependency probability. In addition, this table is already classified to enable the user to identify the variable couples with the strongest dependencies.

  • Analysis functions

    STAT’Mania proposes the following analysis:
    > Factorial analysis
    > Hierarchical classifications in ascending or descending order
    > Multiple or simple regressions
    > Variance analysis
    > Automatic research of the most significant junctions
    > Automatic cross-tabulation analysis
    > Analysis of open-ended questions
    > Numerous parametric or non-parametric tests with one or more variable

    Even though the standard version of STAT’Mania functions solely on the file base in the Ethnos format, the DM (Data-mining) version loads files created with other formats and uses all the advanced analyses available to process the data. These could be tables from Excel, databases in the Dbase or Paradox format, or even simple files (in fixed or limited ASCII format).

For whom does Stat’Mania apply?

Stat’Mania is perfectly adapted to people who need to obtain statistical information to analyze results coming from one or more sources. This people can be full-time statisticians capable of calculating their own results or simple tables and graphs users with no in-depth knowledge.
The software can be used as an assistant: for each type of analysis, it proposes you a list of adapted variables and it may demand for complementary information before calculating. You would be able to customize this analysis as any other Ethnos analysis.

Join the big Stat’Mania users’ community and get ready to perform high level statistical analysis.

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