Trust our specialist with your survey projects

For all our users and clients who cannot or wish not to manage all survey projects internally, Soft Concept proposes its own technical teams and sharp edge equipment to help them with a single segment or the whole survey project. Our services can be applied to any kind of survey, going from data collection, analytical treatment and reporting. Our teams treat more than 600.000 questionnaires per year in any format (web, paper, tablets, mobile-phones, …). We count on very advanced technical and human resources based on an innovative company.

Technical experts for your projects

A very highly experimented team, capable of conceiving managing and treating internally any type of survey, from the creation to the deployment.

Communication and design teams

Soft Concept proposes you our communications, graphics and web design teams, capable of optimizing all your survey medias, documents, websites and materials.

Both optical mark reading and manual survey entering service

We propose a survey responses entering center based in Lyon (France) equipped with innovative automatic survey readers: scanners, optical mark readers, specialized software.

A unique data hosting platform

A very powerful data hosting platform for online surveys with super-fast and secure servers, operated by our own technical teams.

Total or partial survey project management

> Methodological set-up of your survey
> Creation of your survey materials (paper, web or mobile surveys)
> Sending the questionnaires or email reminders
> Managing all electronic or paper returns for verification or answers entering
> Statistical analysis and reports creation (pdf, ppt…)
> Interactive apps and online reporting set-up
> Data hosting on dedicated or shared servers

Prestation gestion enquêtes

A premium service

  • An exceptional price-quality ratio
    An exceptional price-quality ratio

    The integration of all our skills and our sharp edge technologies allow us to assure a high level of service at a very competitive prices.

  • Optimized responsiveness and delays
    Optimized responsiveness and delays

    Thanks to our innovative technologies, our experience, and the enthusiasm of our teams we can work fast on short delays.

  • Amazing graphics and art works
    Amazing graphics and art works

    We take special care for the quality of our analysis and the graphic look of our projects. Our reporting and infographics are presented in a very professional way. 

  • Innovative services
    Innovative services

    Thanks to our expertise in the solutions that we develop ourselves, we are able to propose you unmatched technical services: advanced statistical analysis, personalized reports, web-reporting, dynamic applications…


Online surveys created

2000 K

Paper forms scanned


Survey reports created


Data hosting servers available