Scan or use an optical mark recognition (OMR) device to obtain data from your paper questionnaires and forms.

The optical reading is a very well-known and approved technology, that allows you to save considerable amounts time. However, its implementation was quite difficult and it was exclusively dedicated for heavy applications.
In order to allow anyone to use this kind of technologie, SOFT CONCEPT has developed an innovative solution, OMR Manager. This unique software, allows you to manage from any type of PC, all the steps of an ORM reading, beginning with the creation of the document, through the “smart” reading and ending with the immediate data analysis with Ethnos.

  • Characteristics

    Easily conceive your form

    This module allows you to type, design and print your questionnaires.
    It is possible to upload an EthnosThe user enters the questions, answers, logos, texts… and then OMR Manager automatically shapes it into a great design form, respecting all the OMR rules. The user can now customize this model and intervene on each element of the document to modify it.
    At the end, the obtained document (which may contain several pages) can be printed (one side or two sides) as many copies as you need on a regular printer. Of course, if you need to do print in great quantities, it is possible to do it with a professional printer. 

    Obtain all the answers using an optical reader

    During the printing of your document, OMR Manager generates a monitoring reading file for this document. The reading module allows you to obtain your data in a very easy and comfortable way, thanks to the monitoring file.
    Once the forms have been filled, you just need to introduce them in the optical reader, chose the name of the questionnaire and then press the “start reading” button. The documents will begin to pass at a very high speed from the input tray to the output tray (1.000 to 5.000 documents per hour!) answers will begin to appear on the screen while reading.
    OMR Manager can also perform a data consistency control on real time (double marking…) if a form was filled in wrong way, the optical reader rejects the document and clearly shows the error on the screen. The user can then intervene directly to correct those mistakes.

Join the great OMR Manager users’ community and get ready to save huge amounts of time while collecting your paper data.