The ultimate survey processing software

Ethnos is the most complete and the most advanced survey design and analysis software.
It is characterized by its outstanding ergonomics and its unique functional coverage: indeed, Ethnos is the only available software that can handle, in a single platform, all Survey phases, from the drafting and layout of the questionnaire to the final report with a professional quality presentation.

The power of Ethnos, its ease of use and the unique range of technologies that surround it, have already captivated thousands of users worldwide. Users can quickly and easily perform all types of surveys: marketing research, quality control, training evaluation, internal surveys…

Questionnaire design

This module helps you with the drawing up of your questionnaire by simply entering the wording for your questions and answer. They can be any type of question, for example open-ended, single response, multiple choice, numerical or date related.
Powerful functions such as the library, equipped with several hundred pre-prepared questions and the simple cut and paste feature, speeds up and simplifies the task.
Once the questionnaire has been typed in, Ethnos automatically arranges it in a suitable layout and prints a copy in a high quality presentation. (The visualization style can be adapted to other formats if necessary.)

Entering responses

Our solutions have been designed to speed up and simplify the collection and entering of answers. The data entry module offers a quick and user-friendly interface for data entry by keyboard or mouse, for paper questionnaires. It is also possible to produce a questionnaire in a computer disk, which may be copied as many times as necessary and then sent to respondents, who can reply using their laptops, without Ethnos.

Analysis and reporting

Once your data has been entered, you have at your disposal a fabulous potential for analyzing and presenting your survey results, for example: unlimited cross-tabulations, multi-criteria filters, generation of subpopulations, summary and automatic reports etc.
With a simple click, you can change each result table into the graphic chart of your choice.
Ethnos offers you an unique package of effective and original graphs and charts, such as spider diagrams, target and bubble charts, as well as conventional graphs such as pie charts, histograms and bar charts in 2 and 3 dimensions.
By creating a stat folio to regroup together all your desired results and presentation parameters, you can apply your processing to other fields of enquiry.
All Ethnos processing can be easily transferred to standard office software.

Join the thousands of Ethnos users and conduct a top-quality survey.

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