Degree of memorization

It exists different ways to measure memorization according to the elements to remember. It exists a common tool to assess memorization rate related to each media : the beta coefficient model of Morgensztern is the reference to determine the eventual advertising incidence of each media and the eventuality of memorization of a publicity campaign according to the repetition rate.

Degree of memorization, also called Morgensztern beta coefficient enables the researcher to determine the percentage of individuals that memorize a brand and at least one element of the advertising message, after being exposed to the advertising for the first time.

We consider that degree of memorization of the main media are :
Cinema 75 %
TV 15 %
Advertising displays 9,5 %
Press Magazine 10 %
Radio 5 %

These figures are obtained from score averages observed on a large number of campaigns.
They do not take into account the significant differences that can be observed from one campaign to another. Characteristics of each media are not the only factors that explain the success of a campaign : the advertisement design, the product, brand awareness, all impact memorization.
The very strong score of cinema can be explained by the captive and relaxed dimension of the audience before a movie.