TEST System

Test System is the first simple and powerful method of taking into account all the different possible ways of carrying out evaluation tests. Based on libraries of questions drawn from the Ethnos format.

Test System enables you to put together training tests or exams by random draw or by well-thought out choice. These libraries can combine detailed answer copies as well as different multimedia elements such as images, sounds, films and external programs (EAO etc.). Test System manages a database of masters (trainers) and pupils (trainees). The masters can set up new libraries, design special tests and control the right of access for their pupils. The pupils are allocated to groups, for example according to class, training, level, module etc., and have access to the libraries and tests which are earmarked for them.

Access to the questions can be organised in different ways:

On the network

Using any pupil workstation, the pupil types in his identifying code and then has a choice of training or a test or exam. If he wishes to practise, the system offers a choice of subjects and asks the pupil to select a number of questions. These questions are automatically drawn from the appropriate library and are clearly displayed on the screen.
The pupils can assess themselves and make progress by consulting the detailed corrected answers, which can be linked to the questions.If they wish to sit an exam, whether a mock or real one, Test System puts forward a list of those exams which have been designed for the students or their groups. These tests are put together by the teacher and contain questions chosen from the library.

On paper

The master selects or draws questions at random from the libraries, then he selects printing on traditional paper. If he has OMR Manager at his disposal, the layout and editing can be done automatically confirming to the requirements of the optical reader or the scanner. As soon as the questionnaires are completed and returned to the master, he can then enter the answers given by his pupils or put the documents through an optical reader or scanner to be read, before printing the individual results.

By vote pads

Test System teams together with InterACT to enable tests to be carried out on a group of students, who reply by using individual identified vote pads. The results can be displayed immediately or can be published later on.

Also available are several libraries of questions designed by specialists in different school or professional subjects.