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Software solutions

The most complete and most powerful set ever offered for processing surveys and multi-support data acquisition (mobile, web, phone, optical and scanner reading, vote pads), data analysis and index applications (quality index, consumer follow-up, evolution of satisfaction, scorecards...) and dynamic web reporting.

Ethnos survey software

Create and analyse all of your questionnaires, surveys, testing and data collection with the greatest of ease...

Net-Survey software
The most advanced tool to create and design your online surveys, from the most basic to the most complex
M-Survey mobile survey software
Create and send questionnaires and forms to your smartphones and tablets, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Web Reports web reporting software
Web Reports
Web Reports is the first fully independent online reporting solution. It allows you to obtain real-time stats and dynamic analysis and reports from online surveys while they are in progress.
STAT'Mania data advanced analisis software
Stat'Mania is a new type of statistical software program, as simple to understand and use as any office software.
Codex survey recode software
Easily turn your information into structured qualitative data usable in the analysis module of Ethnos.

OMR Manager optical reading questionnaires
OMR Manager
OMR Manager allows Ethnos users to design and read hundreds of paper forms in just a few minutes.
Catiopee telephone survey software
Catiopee is the best solution for creating and managing telephone-based surveys.
Inter'Act interactive voting pads
The best tool to create an interactive scenarios and to simply control the displaying of questions and data collection.

Panel Manager panel management software
PANEL Manager
The first integrated system dedicated to manage panels (consumers, testers, subscribers, demands...).
Test System evaluation tests software
Test System
Test System is the first simple and powerful method of taking into account all the different possible ways of carrying out evaluation tests. Based on libraries of questions drawn from the Ethnos format.
Survey Manager online survey management
Survey Manager
Survey Manager allows you to easily perform all the online surveys operations : sending forms to Mobi-Survey App or to the Internet, data collection control and e-mailing.