Service Bureau

Refer to our specialists all the logistics of your surveys

To meet the needs of users who can not or do not wish to handle the whole process in-house surveys, Soft Concept has developed a specialized team with advanced infrastructure and equipment and able to take care partially or totally the logistics of all kinds of surveys and data capture operations and data analysis from the simplest to most sophisticated.
This service produces and processes every year more than 600,000 questionnaires on various supports (paper, web ...). It offers technical, logistical and human ressources whiches are unique on the market, because it adds to the traditional skills of providers of studies resources of a state-of-the-art technological company.

Unique resources ...

Soft Concept service bureau includes:

  • a team of experienced research officers can design, manage and treat all types of surveys,
  • a communication unit, in charge of intern graphic caracters and web design, capable of optimizing survey's supports but also documents, websites and communications equipment with customers and employees concerned by the operation or his organization,
  • an internal logistics team is specialist of the preparation and management of sendings and returns of questionnaires in France and abroad by post and / or e-mailing,
  • an internal keyboarding center based in Lyon and equipped with automatic reading materials advanced : scanners, otpical reader and specialized software,
  • a powerful platform for hosting dedicated to online surveys with ultra-fast and secure servers, managed and monitored continuously by internal specialists,
  • an internal call center equipped with the best tools for real-time answers to questions and requests from stakeholders on the ground.
  • a total control of technology surveys and data analysis and the possibility of directly and if necessary in-house all types of software development and specific adaptations to each operation.

... to your chosen survey's service

The methodological skills and the means of the office service can provide you with the best price and deadlines, deliveries that you want including one or more of the following steps:
methodological preparation of your survey,
design, formatting and printing of your questionnaires and / or installation of your survey on a web server,
addressing of the paper questionnaires or request of answers to online questionnaires by mail,
management of the returns of the questionnaires, check, seizure or scanning,
results analysis and production of reporting paper, pdf, Powerpoint and / or dynamic access applications to results on the web and / or Intranet.
Special operations involving, for example the achievement of specific materials (urns, posters, web site ...) or the management of surveys in several languages can be assured.