Apply to your data advanced statistical methods with STAT'Mania


STAT'Mania is a new type of statistical software program, 
just as simple to understand and use as any office software.

STAT' Mania allows any user to easily apply their data to the most current statistical methods, to obtain their results in graph or table form of exceptional quality.

ETHNOS, the only program on the market designed for surveys that is on a level par with normal office software, it has allowed thousands of users in France and World-wide to efficiently carry out all types of surveys including, Market research, Quality diagnosis, Training assessments, Internal industrial relations and communications evaluations...

STAT'Mania gives the following analyses:

  • Factorial analyses
  • Hierarchical classifications in ascending or descending order
  • Multiple or simple regressions
  • Analyses of variance
  • Automatic research of the most significant junctions
  • Automatic cross-tabulation analysis
  • Analysis of open-ended questions
  • Numerous parametric or non parametric tests with one or more variable

Even though the standard version of STAT'Mania functions solely on the file base in the Ethnos format, the DM (Data-mining) version loads files created with other formats and uses all the advanced analyses available to process the data. These could be tables from Excel, databases in the Dbase or Paradox format, or even simple files ( in fixed or limited ASCII format).