Question them regulary and follow the developpement with Panel Manager

Panel Manager

PANEL Manager was designed to respond to the needs of everyone wishing to form and manage outside panels, for example: consumers, prospective customers, shops or in-house panels such as personnel, trained staff, job applicants etc.

Optical reading of documents is a tried and tested technique which saves you a considerable amount of time and effort. Up until now, it was difficult to set up, and its use was confined to heavy applications. The user had to print documents according to strict norms after which a special file, detailing the structure of the different pages had to be programmed for the optical reader. Once the documents had been read, the user obtained a raw file which had to be transferred to a software program especially adapted, in order to make use of the information.

With PANEL Manager you will :

  • Manage the make-up of the panel, i.e.: update, suppress or add members
  • Take into account the recovery of selective or regular/consistent information i.e.; reply coupons, requests, complaints etc.
  • Carry out an action on a part or the whole of the panel such as sending letters or questionnaires managing the returns, handling telephone calls, sending presents on birthdays or invitations to demonstrations etc.

With Panel Manager, benefit of an high level of ergonomics

Benefitting from a powerful database structure, and the flexibility and adaptability of standard Ethnos data formats, PANEL Manager offers outstanding and unmatched ergonomics.
This software allows you to easily specify requests by choosing a selection of the group according to descriptive criteria (age, profession, ownership of a certain product etc.), or according to their participation (questioned a certain number of times, returned their last questionnaire, earmarked for certain purposes etc.).
The Pro version even allows you to make specifications based on the responses from different questionnaires returned, for example those who responded as having bought a particular product.

PANEL Manager controls in a transparent manner, several specialised software:

  • Microsoft Word for the printing of letters and personalised documents
  • OMR Manager for questionnaires printing and personalised forms as well as for the management of the optical reader for returned questionnaires which are placed in the reader and a simple click of the mouse begins the operation.
  • Catiopee for CATI campaign
  • NET-Survey for CAWI campaign
  • Ethnos and STAT'Mania for the automatic printing of periodical statistics reports.

Easily create your panel

Transfer with just a few clicks of the mouse a file of individuals available in a spreadsheet or SGBD form.
With the Pro version, you can also connect PANEL manager to an external base without loading it, or you can create a new database containing all parts by defining its structure in Ethnos (field of enquiry, type etc.).
You can also personalise the work screen, and adapt the terms used to suit your own language. Keeping just the software functions that you need.

With this completed your panel can operate and you can now :

  • Add, modify or remove members of the panel very easily (data capture integrated)
  • Select members of the panel according to different criteria or at random
  • Apply actions to this choice
  • For each panel member selected, print personalised letters using Word and personalised questionnaires using OMR Manager

All these operations are easily performed with a user-friendly interface.

The Pro version of PANEL Manager can be connected to your existing databases. Quotes for specific options can be given on request.