The most advanced tool to easily design your online surveys

Net-Survey is a user-oriented software dedicated to the creation of any web questionnaires, no matter how simple or how complex.

In the Net-Survey interface, the user creates the questionnaire by simply typing the questions and answers, and then selecting the presentation template. The software automatically sets-up the questionnaire in the chosen template. This automatic presentation can be modified and personalised if necessary, using an easy point-and-click interface.

In addition to the usual objects (images, tables, multimedia objects, flash sequences...), NET-Survey provides a large set of interactive components that can boost the performance and abilities of the web questionnaire : automatic email sending, answer summaries, progress bar, dynamic statistics, timer...
When the questionnaire is ready, Net-Survey can easilly deploy it on an Intranet or web site. The broadcasting module included in the software can, if needed, send individual emails to all recipients (colleagues, customers, users...) with a personal link to the questionnaire. During the process, the user can follow-up the survey and send further requests to people who have not responded.

Net-Survey includes 3 steps to support each component of the web survey

  • Design easily amazing questionnaires

    Net-Survey allows to design and quickly lay out any questionnaire from the simplest to the most sophisticated. First enter your questions without worrying about the presentation. Click to select one of the many professionally designed templates. The questionnaire obtained is ready to be used as such or after you have customized it to your tastes and your graphic standards.

  • Manage your survey in real time

    Is your form ready? Net-Survey installs it with a simple click on the remote server at the location of your choice (ftp or http deployment on IIS server), with all files and programs needed to use it (CGI / ISAPI). If your survey is personal, Net-Survey manages the delivery to each of your contacts a personalized email with the information needed to connect (link to the survey, username, password ...). You can always know who has not yet to respond and return if necessary a message of relaunching.

  • Collect the answers and analyze the results

    Net-Survey allows you, at any time, to recover the answers' database directly to the format of the survey software Ethnos or in another format (Excel, Access, Ascii ...). So you can analyze your data in real time enjoying the wealth of analysis and graphic representation of Ethnos or using your office or regular statistical tool.

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