Collect their responses on tablet and smartphones with Mobi-Survey


Create and send questionnaires and forms from the simplest to the most sophisticated to your smartphones and tablets.

New mobile technologies are openning up extraordinary possibilities for mobile surveys. We have designed the optimal solution to fully exploit all that potential with the greatest of ease..

With Mobi-Survey technology the time required for carrying out an operation is considerably reduced and deployment, functionality and training costs are much less than before.

The Mobi-Survey solutions includes 3 steps to support each component of the mobile survey :

1. Create the mobile form with Net-Survey M

Net-Survey is the reference tool for creating forms on web. Its M version adds specific features to the mobile environment.

2. Send to your targets with Survey Manager M

Survey Manager is a unified platform created to allow the management and panel management of web questionnaires. With the M version, this platform keeps the Survey Manager features and adds the ability to send requests for mobile surveys by SMS and by mail.

3. Answer on mobile devices with Mobi-Survey App

Mobi-Survey App is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Download Mobi-Survey App on your mobile device for free and you can use mobile forms

Main advantages of the Mobi-Survey App :

  • Management of several questionnaires in the same time

  • Synchronization button to download and upload data

  • Suitable display for all types of questions (qualitative single or multiple, numeric, date, hours, text...)

To download Mobi-Survey on your Android device, please click on the folowing link : Application Mobi-Survey disponible sur Google Play

To download Mobi-Survey on your iPhone or iPad, please click on the folowing link :

Mobi-Survey est disponible pour iPhone et iPad sur App Store