Question them on live with interactive voting boxes and Interact


Just as OMR Manager has revolutionised the Optical reader market, InterACT is making waves in Interactive meetings. The system of interactive voting with the aid of vote pads, has been in use for several years to capture peoples' reactions to questions displayed on a large screen.
But up until now, it was imperative to prepare the content of the meetings very precisely and in advance, and it was impossible to add questions as you went along.

InterAct possibilities

With InterACT, the user has a tool which enables them to easily design an interactive scenario and then to simply control the displaying of questions and the collecting of answers.

The questions can be typed in before, or even during the meeting, which opens up totally new perspectives for example questioning a group on themes thought up on the spot, or follow-up questions.

InterACT takes advantage of multimedia for example by using sounds, images and special effects to accompany the question screen, by inserting video sequences, external animations such as diaporama Powerpoint etc., and by using other software for example EAO etc.

InterACT enables the user to display in real-time, if desired, the results tabulated in any form. It is also possible to give different weightings for each vote pad, which proves useful for assembly votes, and to manage the answers considered correct (as in tests).

Multiple applications

A true tool for conducting interactive meetings and for managing assembly votes, InterACT can also be used for training purposes as a tool for animating sessions, collecting expectations or opinions, on the spot assessments, evaluation situations, exams etc. It can also be used for marketing purposes, to conduct interactive surveys, giving the opportunity to ask unforeseen questions.

InterACT can also drive different types of existing vote pads. Vote pads can occasionally be bought or hired.