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Service Bureau

Examples of services provided by the Service Bureau

Management of a national survey of corporate catering (300000 questionnaires):

  • Preparation of the questionnaire (scanned by optical reader ultra fast)
  • Preparation of materials to be deployed in restaurants (pliable ballot box, questionnaires, documents, instructions, posters, pens etc. ...)
  • Logistical preparation, mailing packages and return questionnaires (followed by barcodes)
  • Design of extranet applications of request’s monitoring (clients, restaurants, removal of the ballot boxes etc ...)
  • Establishment of a switchboard dedicated to the operation
  • Design of automated reports of results and action plans associated with each restaurant
  • Broadcast of results (in the form of posters and custom reports sent to each restaurant and in a computing format via an extranet application)

Management of large size web surveys:

  • Provision of ultra-powerful servers for hosting web of large size survey
  • Preparation of the web format questionnaire following the client graphics standards
  • Sending Emailing (> 10000 mails) of respondents solicitation and management of reminders e-mail to non-respondents
  • Return results in an extranet application with updated data and results follow-up in real time

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