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Customers satisfaction surveys

Are your customers satisfied ? Satisfied customers tend to buy more products and services and to recommend you around them. They will help you to pursue a policy of continuous improvement and therefore to position yourself and remain among the best.

How to measure this satisfaction?

You should ask your customers their opinion of your company, the quality of your services, your communication. Why do they buy your products? What are the points on which you could take action to satisfy them even more?

Soft Concept products already allow thousands of users in France and worldwide, to collect and analyze easily the needs, expectations and opinions of their customers.
If your need is a one-shot or you do not want to equip you to realize your survey in-house, Soft Concept also offers a range of services tailored to accomplish all or part of your surveys.

All data entry tools for all types of surveys

Ethnos is compatible with all data entry tools and allows to adapt to all types of public targets.

Get around Ethnos the most advanced technologies to collect and analyze data

Ethnos alone already enables you to be completely autonomous in the creation, capture and processing of your surveys.
Depending on the context of your business, you may want to conduct your survey on specific supports : in-house messaging, interactive boxes ...
For you, Soft Concept offers the most complete range of tools and data acquisition technologies ever devised.
See below the products most suitable to you.

All tools for
all types of
Logiciel d'enquête et de reporting Enquêtes avec boîtiers de vote interactifs Logiciel d'enquêtes en ligne Logiciel de reporting en ligne des résulats d'enquêtes
Create the questionnaire
Questionnaire design Oui       Oui     Oui  
Managing a library of questions
and questionnaires
Oui       Oui     Oui  
Automatic layout Oui       Oui     Oui  
Panels management           Oui      
Entry answers
Classic hard copy Oui                
Simple keyboard entry Oui                
Entry on paper for automatic reading   Oui              
Tabletsou Smartphones entry         Oui        
Interactive vote pads entry             Oui    
Assisted entry by phone       Oui          
Intranet and Internet entry         Oui     Oui  
Analyse and report results

Calculation and graphical representation of results

Automatic generation of
periodic reports
Advances statistical analysis     Oui            
Dynamic access to results on
web or Intranet