Easily interrogate them by phone with the Catiopee survey system


Catiopée is the best solution for creating and manage telephone-based surveys.

Catiopée leads the new generation of CATI solutions (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview), thanks to the inclusion of all the components necessary for carrying out a call-based operation. These options range from preparing operations to producing reports of results and final presentations:

  • Build the scenarios (or questionnaires)
  • Control the call stations dynamically
  • Link actions in sequence
  • Keep track of campaigns, apply analyses at any moment (from simple counts to highly advanced statistics)
  • Construct a professional report, including tables, graphs et commentaries.

In thus avoiding the need for having to try and make several software applications of different sources communicate amongst one another, the time required for carrying out an operation is considerably reduced, and deployment, functional and training costs are far smaller than before.


Catiopée is adaptable to structures of all sizes : from small platforms (5 to 20 computers linked by a network, with or without modems) to several hundreds of workstations, with extended options for interfacing with advanced automatic call-management systems.

Catiopée consists of the following units :

  • the application Ethnos, for building the scenario, analysis of the data and presentation of the results
  • the call server module (for real-time distribution of calls)
  • the administrator module (for defining and tracking the call campaign process)
  • CATI data entry licences.