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Project Description

You want to know the opinion of your customers and make quick and effective surveys of your users?

How to measure the tourist attraction?

Soft Concept allows you to easily collect and analyze the responses collected from holidaymakers through your questionnaire. Our range will allow you to carry out surveys in the shortest possible time and with maximum efficiency in order to act quickly so that your establishment or your region is not penalized the following year.

Ethnos simplifies considerably the carrying out of surveys for the tourist sector. OMR Manager technology is ideal for designing and distributing paper-based questionnaires. The scanning of the questionnaires which allows to computerize the data automatically is a very fast and inexpensive method. Mobi-Survey‘s technology uses smartphones and tablets to choose from, and offers maximum comfort for mobile surveys thanks to an ergonomic interface and incredible ease of use.

Soft Concept’s products already enable thousands of users in France and around the world to easily collect and analyze the needs, expectations and opinions of their customers.
If your need is punctual or you do not want to equip yourself internally, Soft Concept also offers a range of adapted services to carry out all or part of your surveys and ad hoc studies.

Our software Ethnos already equips the biggest companies of France and Europe, and allows every day, to thousands of heads of the functions Marketing, Studies, Quality or Communication of:

  • easily create their internal questionnaires
  • distribute them quickly, on paper or by e-mail to your customers, prospects, etc.
  • retrieve answers and consolidate them effortlessly
  • analyze them and extract the relevant elements to concretely act and improve the quality of your products and services and the efficiency of your business


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