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Project Description

Rate the satisfaction of your patients

For the first time in France, legal provisions oblige healthcare establishments to assess patient satisfaction in a Quality process.

Like the companies and their marketing dynamics, the time has come to give the floor not to the “client King” but to the “patient King”. This certainly seems to be the case through the HAS certification process, which is now binding on all healthcare institutions in France.

Ethnos simplifies considerably the carrying out of surveys in hospital environment. OMR Manager‘s technology is ideal for designing and distributing paper-based questionnaires. The scanning of the questionnaires which allows to computerize the data automatically is a very fast and inexpensive method. Mobi-Survey’s technology uses smartphones and tablet PCs to choose from and offers maximum comfort for mobile surveys thanks to an ergonomic interface and unparalleled ease of use.

The certification procedure

The certification, of which the HAS (High Authority for Health) is responsible, is a procedure of external evaluation to a health establishment, carried out by independent professionals. It aims to ensure the safety and quality of the care provided to the patient and to promote a policy of continuous development of quality in health facilities. Certification is required today at all public and private health facilities. It is part of a logic of progress of a health facility and gives a central place to the patient, his journey, the coordination of care that is provided to him, to his satisfaction. It corresponds to 6 main objectives:

  • Assessment of quality and safety of care,
  • Assessment of the institution’s ability to continuously improve the quality of care and the overall care of the patient,
  • The formulation of explicit recommendations,
  • The involvement of professionals at all stages of the quality process,
  • External recognition of the quality of care in health facilities,
  • Continuous improvement of public trust.

The certification procedure requires each institution to self-assess and report the results to the HAS. This step is mainly reflected in the implementation of Barometers and Patient Satisfaction Surveys, which concerns all structures (services, departments, etc.) and activities. This is why this approach can be compared to those carried out by many companies and administrations, the objective being to bring total satisfaction to the patient, who is thus at the center of the process of quality and improvement.

The problem of hospital-based surveys is well-framed: it is necessary to distribute or fill in face-to-face paper questionnaires, retrieve them, capture them and regularly issue up-to-date results. Today, the development of mobile digital devices such as iPad style tablets can facilitate the process of retrieval of information. Indeed, with Mobi-Survey, all you have to do now is download the questionnaire on your device from the app (available for free on the App Store and Google Play), fill it out with patients without an Internet connection and report the results by following by simply synchronizing the device to the survey tracking platform. Discover Mobi-Survey, the solution to conduct your mobile surveys everywhere and easily.


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