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Project Description

Conduct all your Marketing research with Ethnos

Ethnos is today the reference tool for marketing research professionals. Its ease of use, its power of analysis and its very wide presentation possibilities of results in the form of barometers, dashboards and dynamic reports facilitate all operations of collection and analysis of data in marketing.

Real added value for your marketing surveys

With Ethnos, marketing research professionals have the ideal tool to collect and exploit reliable information about consumers, distributors and advertisers:

  • in a fast way (even instantaneous in the context of the interactive collection operations),,
  • at the best costs,
  • by offering the possibility to manage multiple sources (paper, internet or telephone surveys, exploitation of existing files …),
  • by optimizing the knowledge of the targets through a fine qualification and by monitoring the opinions and behaviors over time.

The ideal tool for quantitative surveys

Ethnos also provides valuable assistance to carry out the following work:

  • conducting marketing tests (product, concept, price, packaging)
  • setting up test markets to evaluate the new marketing concepts under natural conditions
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of an advertisement (pre-tests and post-tests)
  • creation, management and analysis of consumer satisfaction surveys, users …
  • measurement of brand awareness, product, company …
  • shopper studies to better understand the expectations of consumers and identify their strategies of choice and their value system …
  • studies on the media (audience measurement, call-out evaluation of musical programming, jingles, spots …)
  • omnibus surveys, panels…

Powerful features to manage your qualitative studies

Ethnos also brings a lot of added value to qualitative studies. Coupled with the first universal Codex recodification tool, you can now easily process the information gathered during your group interviews and different observatories:

  • Perform all kinds of tests (transposition, association, frustration, …) or group interviews and codify open questions collected,
  • Define the behavior of your participants on a video observation for a semiological analysis,
  • Operate the content analysis of files of all types (sounds, videos, pages or websites, Excel, Word or Access files).

Exceptional features to conduct a survey from A to Z

Ethnos offers exceptional possibilities to carry out any investigation thanks to its unique and powerful functionalities:

  • The definition of quotas
  • Customizable questionnaires design with the inclusion of flash images and videos
  • Respondent referral through control of responses
  • The definition of access codes and the setting of the connection methods to the survey
  • Customizing reports with a multitude of sorts and filters
  • Exporting results on classic office tools

All collection media for all types of survey

Ethnos is a software compatible with all collection tools and allows you to adapt to all target audiences:


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