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The most efficient platform for panel management

PANEL-Web was created to address all the needs of the maketing professionals wanting to build and monitor external (consumers, prospects, stores,) or internal panels.

  1. PANEL-Web allows you to create and easily manage your clients’ database, prospects, employees and panelist. Track the evolution of their opinions, tastes and expectations in real-time.
  2. PANEL-Web is based on Survey-Manager which enables you to monitor at the same time your panel surveys, your CATI surveys, your web surveys (CAWI) and your mobile surveys (CAMI). This one of a kind integration opens new perspectives such as the possibility to ask the respondent to complete a telephone questionnaire by himself, or the possibility send a complementary questionnaire or satisfaction survey after a telephone procedure.
  3. PANEL-Web integrates the analysis and reporting software Ethnos, which allows the creation of high quality real-time graphic analysis and reports.

Unique features

With PANEL-Web you will be able to manage the workflow of your panel (adding panelist, deleting or updating data…), covering all results updates, punctual or regular as well as implementing actions on a sample or the entire contacts list (mails, notifications, questionnaires, feedback management, phone calls, gifts management, events invitation, payment…)

Multisource capacities

The multisource integrated platform Survey-Manager M not only allows you manage high level surveys on your panel but also to implement telephone survey campaigns on your contacts.

Get ready to implement a multichannel research With Survey Manager by taking advantage of all the available means to obtain a maximum information from your field, clients, respondents, …

Advanced analysis and reports

The solution includes the most advanced data analysis software in the market, Ethnos. This tool allows you to measure and analyze all your data in a simple and powerful way with a large range of statistical analysis. Ethnos will allow you to easily set up professional reports. These reports can include dashboards, graphic representations, text or different elements coming from other software (text analysis, spreadsheets, cartography, sketches…)

An outstanding user experience

PANEL-Web presents a very high level or ergonomics and a very powerful interface. For example, you will be able to easily define your requests by selecting your panelist according to specific criteria (age, occupation, products or services…) or participation criteria (has been interviewed X times, has completed his questionnaire, reserved for X action…).

Join the big PANEL-Web users’ community and get ready to implement highly efficient panels.

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