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Create and deploy any type of questionnaire or form on Tablet or Smartphone in only a few minutes

A few years back, Internet changed the way data was collected. The software Net-Survey enabled, thousands of users to easily conceive and disseminate surveys and web and intranet forms.
Today, mobile technologies open a new age, offering extraordinary possibilities: Instantaneousness, extreme portability, ergonomics, ease of use, real-time communication, database connection, GPS localization, multimedia capture (photos, sounds, videos, barcodes, signatures…) etc.

There are countless applications in the fields of research marketing, sales, quality, safety, inspection, logistics, organization, human resources, training, customer service, etc.

How to easily take advantage of this potential, without any expensive or complicated development phase?

Mobi-Survey is a revolutionary solution that helps you create and deploy questionnaires and forms for tablets or mobiles, in few minutes. These devices can work online or offline, in any situation.
A central platform allows you to follow the deployed applications and automatically synchronize all data with the mobile devices
All your collected data will be available to be treated in real-time with our statistics tools or your company applications directly.

For whom does Mobi-Survey apply?

Mobi-Survey can be used in many fields: marketing, clients satisfaction, human resources, quality, training, education, media, tourism, health, organization, studies, audit, logistics… it is also suited for any person willing to do a survey on smartphone or tablet.

Mobi-Survey is available for Android and for iPhone/iPad

Only 10 minutes* to create your questionnaire or form, and deploy them on mobile devices

*average time for a 20 questions/fields questionnaire or form

Download Mobi-Survey on your iPhone or iPad

  • 1. Go to the App Store:
  • 2. Or scan this Flash Code with your mobile device:

Download Mobi-Survey on Android

  • 1. Click on the following Google Play link:
  • 2. Or scan the following Flash Code with your mobile device:

Join the big Mobi-Survey users’ community and get ready to create great mobile surveys.

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