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A revolutionary platform!

EthnosLab is a very innovative platform, which allows to gather multi-source data, to analyze them in depth and to share dashboards as composed.

EthnosLab allows you to easily connect to data sources of any kind: social data, open data, survey files, Excel files, company databases, website content …

EthnosLab uses Artificial Intelligence and advanced statistical methods to exploit the data gathered and to draw predictive analyzes.

EthnosLab also integrates advanced graphical presentation functions that allow you to design reports and dynamic applications of high quality, that the user can share with whom he wants, with a few clicks.

Connect to your Ethnos data files, Excel or databases. Analyze them and obtain results in tables, mappings, Google maps, decision trees ... Associated analyzes and presentations are dynamic and update automatically when the data changes.

What is it exactly ?

EthnosLab is a SaaS mode accessible platform, that allows non-specialist users to easily collect data from different sources, combine dynamic statistical analysis and share the resulting dashboard with any correspondent (client, collaborator, regional director, subsidiary, point of sale ...).
EthnosLab combines very advanced technologies to optimize the connection to data sources and the analysis of these data with powerful statistical methods and an engine of artificial intelligence that makes it possible to model prediction algorithms from existing data.

How it works ?

EthnosLab initially offers a blank screen on which the user adds widgets. It provides about thirty choices to integrate into the current dashboard, a dynamic link to data from multiple sources. The word dynamic is essential here: it is not about recovering elements only once but to connect to the data source and to obtain elements constantly updated in the dashboard.

Main sources available

The user may note the keywords that interest him on the main social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ...

It is possible to identify and follow articles on a particular topic (Google News), to retrieve weather data (to cross them with sales figures for example), to retrieve stock prices ...

EthnosLab makes it possible to integrate in its dashboards the tracking of the number of Google search on keywords (Google Trends), specific measures coming from a Google Analytics account (to give these updated stats to people who have no access to the entire Analytics account: managers, product managers, etc.).

The user may set the regular retrievability of data present on a given site. He has thus the opportunity to recoverthe characteristics of the products proposed on competing sites, in order to follow, for example, price evolutions. This widget also applies to forums, press sites and other structured sources of data available on the web.

Main sources available

EthnosLab allows you to connect to SQL databases to retrieve activity data. The objective can be the tracking, the crossing with other types of data or the analysis with the statistical tools, GIS or AI of the platform.

Many users have data in Excel tables, TXT or CSV files retrieved from their central tools (CRM, ERP ...). EthnosLab can load this data for advanced statistical processing, integrate it into machine learning processes, represent it in cartographic or graphical formats and include the results in dashboards and web-reporting systems.

Survey data remains essential in many contexts, despite the multiplication of other sources of data. The platform directly supports the files Ethnos, Net-Survey, Triple S or SPSS, particularly to cross them with other data sources. EthnosLab also allows Ethnos users to load their statfolios and reports, in order to exploit and share them in just a few clicks.

EthnosLab allows to connect to all sources of Open Data and helps the automatic data retrieving to complete and enrich its internal data for example.

EthnosLab makes it possible to gather in a same space, data of various sources by placing them in blocks on the screen. These blocks integrate each of the advanced tools accessible through intelligent Wizards to act within the data block. But the user can also add specific analysis Widgets that will enrich the dashboard independently, even if they plan their operations on the grounds of one or multiple blocks of data.

Join thousands of EthnosLab users and enter the era of Data Intelligence.

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