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The first simple and obvious system to easily collect and use all the data useful to you

For the first time, a data analysis tool is able to take into account and easily exploit multiple growing data of Big Data. This major breakthrough is called EthnosData.

This software combines in one product all the functions of Ethnos, Stat’Mania, the Quali analysis module and our innovative tool for connecting and analyzing data from Big Data .

EthnosData enables you to process your survey data as well as to supplement the existing data by easily retrieving and analyzing multi-source and multi-format data : Web pages, social networks, forums, Open Data sources, corporate databases (Hadoop, SQL), email accounts…

Big Data is THE ongoing revolution and EthnosData will allow you to be on the front line to get advantage of it.

An incredible tool without equivalent!

EthnosData is a tool of a new type, that is able to gather, analyze and present all your data useful to you with a breathtaking ease within a single environment.

Data collection

Whatever the origins and formats of your files or databases, EthnosData allows you to load them with a single click. Your multi-source and multi-format data will no longer worry you.

Click to see how to gather data from a variety of sources

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Analyses and advanced analyses

Exploit the tremendous potential of your data and simultaneously analyze all your collected data with hundreds of advanced statistical analysis methods adapted to your content.

Click to see how you can immediately exploit the fabulous reservoir of Big Data and your data

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Presentation of results

Easily produce reports and infographics of high quality, to print or export (PDF, PPT ...). Publish with a fews clicks web-reporting and dynamic dashboards available online.

Click to see how to easily produce and share beautiful reports and dynamic dashboards

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  • Aspiration of web content and social networks
  • Importing tables and data files
  • Connexion à vos bases de données


  • More than 100 advanced statistical analysis methods
  • Syntax analysis of files and textual data
  • Detection of the tone of comments


  • Generate advanced dashboards
  • Automation of mass production of reports
  • Layout and production of advanced infographics

EthnosData described in 9 functions

With EthnosData, you can now load survey files from a variety of media, import commonly used data files, connect to databases, dynamically retrieve web databases and social networks and to support textual data for content analysis.

Connections to the data sources and the production of results can be automated to trigger at a defined frequency (every hour, every day, every week or month …).

The results can be published on the web or viewed in real time via dynamic web-reporting applications (with the Web Reports option).

Ecran Ethnos Data : Sources de données disponibles


…anazlye websites or internet pages of my competitors
…know what is being said about us on Twitter
…follow exchanges between net users on a subject
…explore databases from my company
…retrieve data available on my markets
…analyze my imported tables and data files
…handle emails and claims of my clients
…synthesize qualitative interview texts
…analyze my web, mobile, scan or cati surveys

Focus on Big Data

Big Data in 3 phases

Big Data is an English expression used to describe the massive explosion of data sets collected, disseminated and stored since the advent of digital technology.

« The term evokes massive data that are becoming so large that the usual methods of database storage, coding processes and data processing algorithms become inoperative to extract the meaning of it. » Philippe Jourdan

« Big Data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it… » Dan Ariely

…However, what is clearly thought out is clearly expressed!

Big data is all this data at once, ever more varied, numerous and quick to obtain, and contain an analytical wealth that each company can (must) exploit. Do not hesitate, Ethnos Data is the tool for you!

To learn more about Big Data, visit Survey Magazine. Among many articles, you will find a folder entirely dedicated to this new revolution.

You can also download our free Big Data White Paper by clicking here.

Join the thousands of users and also carry out innovative data analysis with EthnosData.

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